Commercial Property Damage Attorneys

Commercial property owners and managers often turn to our Houston, Texas, business and commercial litigation law firm in connection with business property damage claims. Insurers that fail to make good on legitimate claims are a strong motivating force for plaintiffs seeking relief. Whether property damage is a result of an "act of God" (natural occurrence) such as a windstorm or a result of negligence, the crux of the matter inevitably boils down to insurance claim delays and denials.

Assertive Lawyers Pursue Fair Settlement Of Commercial Property Damage Claims

Our lawyers work hard to obtain fair settlements and verdicts for business and commercial clients affected by property damage. Lubel Voyles LLP has compelled many insurers to pay on legitimate claims in connection with property damage to:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Churches
  • Condominiums

A discussion with one of our experienced Texas commercial property damage claim lawyers is an important first step toward resolution or recovery. We offer free preliminary case evaluations regarding:

  • Wind damage to condos
  • A vehicle-building crash
  • Tornado damage to a warehouse
  • Stored perishable goods damaged by an electricity outage

Vehicle damage may be included in a commercial property damage claim. A business affected by property damage may experience business delays and/or loss of inventory through spoilage or direct damage to stored materials. Our law firm aggressively pursues proper compensation for our business and commercial clients — including compensation for business interruptions.

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