Commercial Vehicle Accidents Lawyers

As reported in a recent Reuters news article, "Houston is booming and bar none the strongest market in the United States of America," said Joseph Sitt, chief executive of Thor Equities, which has two projects underway in Houston. A busy economy translates to increased levels of commercial vehicle traffic.

Even in slower-paced environments, commercial vehicles such as garbage trucks and delivery trucks are ever-present in urban settings. Houston and surrounding communities are no exception. FedEx and UPS delivery trucks, furniture store delivery trucks, utility trucks and service trucks are some of the most common types of commercial vehicles that we see around the metro area and hear about in our motor vehicle accident law practice.

Delivery vehicles do not always mix well with pedestrian and car traffic in residential and retail areas. When accidents occur, they can easily be serious or catastrophic because of the size and weight differential between a commercial vehicle and a private car.

If you were seriously injured or if a loved one was killed in an accident involving a semitruck or commercial vehicle, a prompt investigation is the surest route to maximized compensation. Commercial vehicles are typically well-insured. Even so, failing to take action soon after an accident may mean that you will miss opportunities to recover all compensation you are eligible for.

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